Jenna performs solorecitals with divers programs, and has played as a soloist with several orchestras: Wim Henderickx’s Harp Concertino with the Symphonic Orchestra of the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp, the Mozart Concerto for flute and harp with the Covestro Symphoniker (Krefeld, Germany), Catrin Finch’s Harp Concerto with string orchestra Cordae Lysis, Joaquín Rodrigo’s Concierto de Aranjuez with Continuo and Debussy’s Danses Sacrée et Profane with Jemoo.

Changemaker Ecology at De Bijloke

Beginning in September 2024, Jenna will be Changemaker Ecology at the Bijloke in Ghent. She will be conducting a two-year research project, with the ultimate aim of formulating recommendations for the music centre. The arts and culture sector is probably the best place to rethink our place as humans among our non-human neighbours. As Changemaker Ecology, Jenna wants to explore how a concert house can play a role in the transition to a culture of connection with the non-human, and how it can become an inclusive place for all life that surrounds us.


Liaisons is a performance for speaking/singing harpist and dancer/performer by Jenna Vergeynst and Myrthe Bokelmann, around the work Fidélité by Georges Aperghis. Four young composers will write a new work in response to Fidélité: Ellen Jacobs (BE), Ward De Jonghe (BE), Thanakarn Schofield (Thailand/USA) and Bethan Morgan-Williams (UK).

Harpduo Vireo

Vireo is the harp duo of harpists Marjolein Vernimmen and Jenna Vergeynst. They found each other in their passion for contemporary music with unusual sounds. Among other things, they performed Salamander, a co-composition by Dunstan, Nasopoulou, and van der Vlugt for two singing harpists. Their programme with electronics includes Echo Yes No by Mike Svoboda and Refractions by Benjamin Van Esser. They also have an impressionistic programme, with arrangements by Debussy and Ravel, among others. Most of all, they explore new paths with brand-new compositions, such as You, me, in trees by Haroun Iqbal.

Cusk Collective

Cusk Collective is the co-creation collective of Jenna Vergeynst, Kristien Doumen, Alex Smith and Rúben Borges. Both creators and performers, the collective’s mission is to translate ecological subjects onto an artistic stage, in the form of docu-musical theatre.


Ear to Sea

Ear To Sea is the first creation of the Cusk Collective. The underwater world is rich with sounds. Dolphins whistle, porpoises orientate themselves by clicking and fishes talk while drumming, growling and chirping. However, natural life is not alone. The sounds of ships, sonars, explosives and fishing trawlers are ear-shattering, disrupting the harmony of the natural soundscape. The Cusk Collective brings the underwater world to the stage in all its beauty and vulnerability in the docu-music theater Ear to Sea.

Ensemble Tanguera

Tanguera found its roots in 2010 in Geraardsbergen under the impuls and coaching of Philippe Thuriot. After same wanderings, the ensemble got its current line-up: Elke De Meester (accordion), Jenna Vergeynst (violin), Natalie D’haene (piano), Jan Maris (guitar) and Jonas Scheys (bass). Tanguera performs listening concerts with music by Astor Piazzolla and milongas with tranditional tangos.